Reposturing | Shoulder Pain Treatment Specialist
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Shoulder Pain Treatment Specialist

If you have shoulder pain and you’re losing hope and wondering how to heal, not just treat symptoms, we have some amazing insights into the real solution for shoulder pain treatment.

Shoulder pain isn’t just coming from the shoulders.

The source of pain is often somewhere else and causing tension patterns and connective tissue to adhere to joints and bones, causing misalignment, pain and discomfort.

If you long to move freely and pick up your kids or play your game again, we’d love to help you experience the freedom of unrestricted movement that restores your performance and gives you back your quality of life.

Reposturing – The Pain Elimination Method is proud to be San Francisco’s premiere choice for shoulder pain treatment.

Our knowledge of the body’s anatomy and how we correct posture to realign your body’s structure for pain-free living makes us the preferred choice for treatment.

We offer Customized Programs & Specials to meet your exact needs and get you shoulder pain-free and living well again.