Reposturing | Sharon Caren, Certified Reposturing Practitioner
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Sharon Caren, Certified Reposturing Practitioner

My mantra and mission:

“There is nothing more important than that you Feel Good”

Hi, I’m Sharon Caren of Sharon The Health.

I’m before you today because of my personal quest for health and natural healing. The services you find below are a result of the last 20 years of focus and development. The modalities listed are efficient and effective and have changed my life in a big way.

In 1976, I suffered a broken neck while totaling my car on the freeway. I was blessed with a very young and forward thinking orthopedic doctor who treated me without surgery. He wrapped me in a fiberglass body cast for 3 months and my neck healed naturally. I also practiced visualization to see the bones heal. I have full range of motion with no paralysis.

After fully recovering, I began a physical fitness lifestyle, running, cycling and skiing. I worked out in the gym and was convinced that this is all I needed. Over time, in my mid 40’s, my body got tighter and tighter until I ended up with carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic head, neck and back pain.

In 1997, I met Aaron Parnell who gave me a “5 minute” upper body Reposturing session and WOW! This stretching was my missing link. I enrolled in the Reposturing training and started my practice that same year. I then became a certified Posturist and also certified to teach Reposturing to others.

To feel great and be active, you need to drink a lot of water, enjoy good nutrition and have a balance of strength and flexibility. As a Posturist and Reposturing Yoga instructor, I have the education and tools to help you bring your body into balance. Good nutrition and supplements put me at the top of my game. Using Nutritional Coaching and Aromatherapy can do the same for you.

I’m reaching out with 20 years of body wisdom and knowledge along with a personal experience of living the healthy lifestyle.

My goal for you: To awaken each day in joy and ready to live it.

I’ll assist you in feeling good, while you experience being all you want to be.

Call or email me for a consultation and see if we are a good fit to work together.


Reposturing Body Work

“Working with Sharon has changed my life! I’m a 66 year old woman who has been physically active all my life. I do have some scoliosis, but it has not limited my ability to do what I like. In the last 3 years though, I have lost 3 inches from my height and was starting to “hunch” over in my shoulder area. Not a good look. I learned about Sharon’s Reposturing bodywork and thought it might work for me. It’s not easy and it is work but in 4 months, I am now more than one inch taller and I move much more fluidly than before. She is a natural healer with wonderful instincts and a great communicator. I am not finished yet working with Sharon….I am hoping for another inch.”-Linda

Reposturing Yoga

 “After attending a class with Sharon, I purchased a Reposturing Yoga DVD and started doing the workouts at home. I no longer feel the need to get regular massages or go to the Chiropractor either. It’s fun, too.”-Shirley

“I attended a Reposturing Yoga class of Sharon’s and was amazed that I have better balance after doing the stretches. I’ve been using walking sticks and now feel confident to let them go.”-Pauletta

Nutritional Coach

“I’m so impressed working with Sharon to attain my health goals. She uses a tool called Zyto scaning. It’s  really unique in that it is such a precise reflection of what is happening in your body. I was kind of floundering trying to figure out how to deal with digestion, weight and skin issues. With Sharon’s guidance and the scan information, I now have a plan. I use the recommendations and continue to feel better and better. I always look forward to my next scan to see how I can move to the next level!”-Gina

Soul Clearing

“When I realized that I had a soul contract with my mother after my reading/clearing with Sharon, I was able to move past my negative and troublesome feelings. I realized there was a bigger picture at hand. This was quite an education and I’ve referred her to all of my family members.”-Edward

“My husband and I got married after my Soul Work with Sharon. She helped us to understand some old contracts we had from past lives and how to clear them. We are now able to move forward in love and joy! When you think you may have exhausted all hope, don’t give up and try this wonderful, life changing soul work.”-Beth

Soft Laser Therapy

“My vision of healing with the sacred union of light, color and vibration is now manifest in this laser. My results: totally pain and stress free in a state of bliss and universal connection. I continue to feel and see regeneration in every cell of my body!”-Joy

“After just one session under Sharon’s care, the intense low back pain I’ve experienced for the past 2 weeks is virtually gone. I now feel relieved, rejuvenated, energetic and wanting more light permeating into my body. IT WORKS. I am referring all my friends and family to this therapy ~ why suffer a second longer than one has to!”-Tara

Ear Candling

“After I had an ear candling session with Sharon, my dizziness went away. I used to almost fall over when I got out of bed in the morning.  Now I no longer have that problem.”-Shoshanna

“I had vertigo for two months and the day after Sharon’s ear candling session, it was gone. I had a directional hearing problem in my left ear that was also alleviated after the session.”-Ruth


  • Reposturing Specialist, 20 years in Practice
  • Certified Reposturing Practitioner/Posturist/Trainer
  • 1,000+ hours of Reposturing Training
  • Reposturing Yoga Class Instructor
  • Entrepreneurial Business Leader and Coach
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Nutritional Coach
  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • Soft Laser Light Therapist
  • Earcandling Hygienist
  • Soul Purpose Coach

Sharon The Health