Reposturing | Policies and Procedures
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Policies and Procedures

Appointments and Scheduling

1)     Be on time or early for your appointment.

2)     If you are late, our appointment will end at its scheduled completion time.

  • Full sessions are approximately 45-50 minutes in duration. Half sessions are approximately 25-30 minutes in duration.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

  • Twenty-four-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid a charge for missed appointments. Any cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will be charged as a 30-min appointment.
  • To avoid charge, you may schedule the cancelled appointment within the same week upon availability of the practitioner. However, if there are no available times in the schedule for the cancelled week, the appointment will have to be charged for 30-min.
  • There is a $40 charge for all returned checks.

REFUNDS: If for any reason, you decide not to work with us after you’ve made your investment toward a series of sessions, you can ask for your money back for any unused portion.  However, there is a processing fee of 3% of the remaining balance, to cover the cost of processing your refund.


Record Keeping

  • We measure and photograph (optional) each Reposturing client for our records only.
  • We are dedicated to continually improve our practices and thus, records will be kept for future improvement of our services.


The Actual Sessions

  • Reposturing body therapy sessions include stretching and breathing to achieve your health and vitality goals. Be prepared to be stretched by wearing loose fitting or very elastic clothing for each session.

2)     Body therapy — The client is always in charge of depth, speed and pressure of the stretching and breathing techniques. Please alert your practitioner if the strength or speed is too intense or too soft for your personal liking. A “feel good” range is between a 7-8 intensity on a 10 scale.

3)     Coaching — The sessions happen either in person or by phone.  You create the agenda of what goals and objectives to accomplish.

The coach’s job is to create congruency among who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve.


Phyziquest’s Liability and Responsibility

1)     We are not doctors, psychotherapists, physical therapists, or medical professionals of any discipline.

  1. a) We do not and cannot treat or diagnose psychological or medical conditions.
  2. b) We do not and cannot dispense medical advice or provide rehabilitation.
  • Clients take full responsibility for their wholeness and vitality. We cannot be held responsible for medical conditions or contraindications

not disclosed on the medical history form, that adversely affect or are affected by our work together.



1)     Your appointments are confidential.  We do not disclose our client relationship to others nor share it for marketing purposes unless written consent is requested by our company.  Great care is taken to maintain your privacy.

  • We will, with your permission, discuss our work with other professionals with whom you are working.