Reposturing | Meet Our Team
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Meet Our Team

Serving you in becoming pain-free and living your best life is why we exist!

We’re excited to meet YOU and have the opportunity to help you transform your body and life.

Aaron Parnell

Aaron Parnell is one of today’s emerging talents in the Vitality and Healthy Aging movement.

Using Reposturing ®, with a success-rate of nearly 100%, Parnell helps individual clients at his center improve their posture, flexibility, sports performance, eliminate chronic pain, and enhance beauty.

Aaron’s techniques are revolutionizing the way we think about and treat pain, restoring the body back to health, and vitality, no matter how old or young you are.

Aaron is one of 35 therapists chosen from among 2,000 nationwide applicants for the first Olympic Sports Massage team in Los Angeles.

With over 30 years of experience, Aaron is on a mission to help every individual feel fit, flexible, and fabulous at any age.



Aaron Parnell

Founder of Reposturing

Aaron Parnell is the Founder of Reposturing, a body movement Technology and therapy that provides the most cutting-edge pain elimination methods available today. My passion is educating my clients to care about their health…

“Reposturing restores the freedom to your structural body, so your spirit can be free and you are fit, flexible and feel fabulous!” – Aaron Parnell

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Ann Moore

Posturist, Authorized Reposturing Instructor, CMT

Ann is a passionate high-energy reposturing practitioner and massage therapist. She has 23 years of experience providing hands-on treatment.

“Physical limits create suffering. I work to help people feel limitless.” –Ann Moore

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Josh Solla


The most valuable thing I give my clients is an amazing sense of energy. People get stuck and they forget what their bodies are capable of.

“It’s important to me that people feel good about themselves physically and emotionally.” – Josh Solla

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Support Staff

Chery Chua

Office Assistant

Cheryl Chua, a recent member to the team, multitasks as in admin and project assisting. You can find her behind the front desk or organizing tasks for the team. She also assists in teaching exercises to help clients retain their posture after appointments.

Previously to working at the Reposturing Center, she was an Undergraduate at UC Davis working simultaneously as a laboratory tutor and note taker. Her skillset helps provide support to an ongoing business.

Lia Coronado

Office Intern

Lia Coronado is a Business Manager Intern for Aaron Parnell. She works directly under Aaron and makes sure that all records, projects, administration, maintenance and day to day tasks are properly executed or delegated to the right person.

Lia is an International Student from the Philippines and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications and is currently in school pursuing Web Development. Working for Aaron Parnell has developed Lia’s ability to be self-reliant by managing the office, time, projects, people and resources.