Reposturing | Josh Solla , Posturist
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Josh Solla , Posturist

The most valuable thing I give my clients is an amazing sense of energy. People get stuck and they forget what their bodies are capable of. With Reposturing, they learn so much about their body and its potential.

It’s my job to dynamically rebalance the body. When the body is balanced, everything else falls into place. That’s what makes this approach different from everything else out there. Reposturing hits the problem right where the problem originated.

I know that people are capable of reaching past their plateau, and I want to help them accomplish that. By educating them about their body and finding and fixing the root of the problem, I’m able to help people achieve lasting results.


“I have been living with chronic pain and more so in the last several months. I was introduced to Josh Solla who is a Reposturist. I decided to give Josh a try. As soon as I met him, we connected and started building a relationship. He didn’t realize how complex I was going to be, but he was immediately up to the challenge. He was and still is determined to only get me to living pain free. He takes his time, studies my body, evaluates, and researches what he can do to help me feel better. He’s professional, but yet one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met. After treatment he doesn’t just send me off; he will always ask how I feel right after, go over stretches/exercises that will help my posture and mobility and will follow up during the week with a text or a phone call. Working with Josh has been a positive experience. “ –Karla C.

Number of Hours in Reposturing
(Practice, Shadowing, Teaching, Events):

Since: December 2015 –  500+ Hours Completed

Certifications and Awards:
Undergraduate Degree in Occupational Therapy from San Jose State University
Arthritis Foundation Exercise Instructor

Reposturing Training Certificates
Chest, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands
Low, Back, Hips and Pelvis
Legs and Feet
Reposturing Massage
Advanced Side Posture
Facial Reposturing
Advanced Reposturing
Reposturing Fitness
Consultation; Standardization, Photos & Measurements

The Vitality Center of San Mateo
407 N San Mateo Drive
San Mateo, CA

Thursday-Friday 8pm-4:30pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 3pm-8pm

Phone: (650) 347-4565
Mobile: (707) 400-4844