Reposturing | Hip Pain Treatment
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Hip Pain Treatment

If you’ve been living with hip pain, we understand that even walking can cause intense pain.

Sleeping, standing or moving can be a constant reminder of how out-of-balance, twisted and tight you feel.

If you’re looking for how to relieve hip pain and seeking the real solution for hip flexor pain treatment to relieve hip pain, we’re excited to share The Pain Elimination Method with you!

Imagine open hips that move freely and give you the sense of ease and grace when you walk. Imagine being straighter, taller, lighter, more open and balanced than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Reposturing: The Pain Elimination Method is proud to be San Francisco’s premiere choice for hip flexor pain treatment.

Our knowledge of the body’s structure and how to achieve permanent pain-free living makes us the preferred choice in treatment plans.

We offer Customized Programs & Specials to meet your exact needs and get you pain-free and living well again.