Reposturing | Casey Brown, Posturist, Certified Reposturing Instructor
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Casey Brown, Posturist, Certified Reposturing Instructor

I love helping people thrive.

I was an undefeated kickboxer before a car collision left me bedridden for several years. My recovery was tedious and consistently challenging. The most frustrating part was not understanding how I’d get back to a life without pain. Since then I have become stronger than ever and have committed my life to helping others reach similar success.

As a Posturist, I assist my clients to understand the root cause of their issues and work with them to make improvements and ultimately restore their freedom and efficiency of movement.

Years after my accident, I finally felt the joy of just walking down the street without pain. I understand how it feels to have the simple things taken away and how it feels to get them back. Reposturing gave me my health back and now I devote my life to supporting other people obtain the same life-changing results.


“Casey cares about his clients’ well-being and he has an exceptionally generous spirit. I’m so glad I made a modest investment to work with him…indescribable improvement!” – Pat N.

“I’m a fit guy, I’ve done a lot of weight training and consider myself flexible. I feel more transformed after one session with Casey than 4 years of yoga classes… I lift heavier, stand taller with a prouder chest and clearer head.” – Sean N.

“Casey absolutely knows his profession and I am very thrilled to have him on my team… What a joy to work with someone who has the genuine love of his profession and the natural gift to improve a life and alleviate pain and suffering.” – Lisa W.

Number of Hours in Reposturing (Practice, Shadowing, Teaching, Events): Since 2013 – 1750+ Hours

Certifications and Awards:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Integrative Biology from University of California, Berkeley
  • Graduated Valedictorian of High Tech High Media Arts, class of 2009

Reposturing Instructor of:

  • Chest, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands
  • Hips and Low Back
  • Legs and Feet

Reposturing Training Certificates:

  • Chest, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, and Hands
  • Hips and Low Back
  • Legs and Feet
  • Advanced Chair Massage
  • Facial Reposturing
  • Advanced Reposturing
  • Reposturing Fitness

Shadowed Aaron Parnell, the founder and inventor, for over +150hrs

The Vitality Center of San Mateo, 407 N San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401  &  Berkeley Location

By Appointment Only

Available Days and Hours:

Berkeley: Monday-Wednesday,

San Mateo: Thursday and/or Friday 9am-7pm

Phone: (510) 542-9506