Reposturing | Aaron Parnell
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Author: Aaron Parnell

Want to know how to fix neck pain? Neck pain exercises and stretches for neck pain will help, but you need to understand what’s causing your neck pain in the first place if you want to relieve neck pain once and for all. Why does my neck hurt? Most likely, your neck pain stems from bad posture. In a nutshell, the bones of your neck aren’t doing the work of weight bearing. And it’s putting a strain on your muscles.

Why do I have shoulder pain? When people seek out shoulder pain exercises and shoulder pain relief, they usually skip the most important step in restoring freedom of movement, strength, and vitality. That step? Education. If you’re wondering how to get rid of shoulder pain, your best bet is to begin by learning where your problem originated. So let’s start there. What’s causing your shoulder pain?