Reposturing | …I’m young, but I’ve got that old feeling…
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…I’m young, but I’ve got that old feeling…

…I’m young, but I’ve got that old feeling…

Dear Vitality Man,

My mother is in her 60’s, looks great and says she feels better than she did when she was in her 30’s raising a family.  She is working out with a personal trainer and taking yoga classes.  I’m in my 30’s.  I work a lot, don’t exercise much at all now and I feel so old— even without a family.  Help me understand why I’m young and feel old– but my mom is about twice my age and feels so young.  —Sulking in Silicon Valley

Dear Sulking–First of all, who ever said, “you’re only as young as you feel” said it best—

Way to go mom!  You go, girl!

Second of all, lets for awhile, throw out the concepts of “young” and “old”.  They contain assumptions about how life should be by a certain chronological age— most of which are not true, most of which you have complete control over.  Lets instead look at the 10 most important contributors to Physical Vitality:

  • Flexibility 6)  Meaningful Physical Activity
  • Strength 7)  Self Esteem
  • Nutrition & Food Choices 8)  Enjoyment
  • Water 9)  Oxygen
  • Ample Rest 10)  Life-Giving Environment

In each category, rate yourself on a 1-10 scale, with 10 meaning excellent, fulfilling and completely sufficient.

Take the test yourself.  If you score less than 85-95, you’ll have at least some idea of the key areas, in which you can enhance your sense of aliveness starting right now— while you’re young and in your 30’s.

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