Reposturing | Fit & Flabby What to Think About Those Cheesy Thighs
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Fit & Flabby What to Think About Those Cheesy Thighs

Fit & Flabby What to Think About Those Cheesy Thighs

Q — I’m 34. I train for 1 hour and 20 minutes, four days a week. I do aerobics, step aerobics, floor exercises and strength training, and every other month I go on a 25- to 35-mile bike tour. But I still have some flab on my thighs, so I have considered taking a nutritional supplement. Should I take it? —Fit & Flabby

Dear Fit — It is a rare occasion when a nutrient, no matter how fantastic it may sound, will do more than the body thinks it should. Although I’m open to surprises, I’ve made these non-scientific observations: The body always responds to physical activity first, physics second and nutrients fifth or sixth (heredity and lifestyle are third and fourth).

So if you have flab on your thighs, it really means all or either: 1) Your strides may be too short, in which case, there may not be enough movement in your thighs to make them a bad place to store fat.  2) You are not walking or cycling fast enough, which is highly unlikely, given the routine you’ve just shared with me.

3) Your posture is poor, in which case your body would use the extra fat and water as a counterweight for an imbalanced forward-lean. The cellulite you see is where your body is storing the extra fat and water. Or 4) You don’t drink enough water for the proper acid/alkaline balance your body needs, in which case your body would use every opportunity to store water anywhere it can to prevent acidosis or alkalosis.  Lastly, there is the factor of heredity. If your family has a tendency towards cheesy thighs… get over it. Do the best you can. Keep trying new things, including lifestyle choices, new routines and nutrients. Fall in love with your cheesy thighs and get over the frustration, because the rest of you is in great shape. –Aaron

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