Reposturing | Best Hip Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches
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Best Hip Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches

Best Hip Pain Relief Exercises & Stretches

The 3 Best Hip Pain Relief Exercises and Stretches

The best and most simple way to get hip pain relief is with hip pain exercises and stretches for hip pain.

Some people think hip pain is just part of getting older. They think their hips hurt because of their age.

Not true.

Feeling good in your body, having freedom of movement, and the ability to live with vitality is possible at any age. You just need to get your posture right. The best hip stretches and hip pain exercises work even better when you understand what’s causing your pain to begin with. So let’s start there.

Why do my hips hurt?

Hips hurt when the bones stop doing the work of weight bearing efficiently. That can happen when the muscles get tight and tense.

You should know, there are several sets of hip flexors. So you have to do two sets of movement to open up the muscles that influence your hip alignment. The following exercises and stretches will help with that.

1: Step-Up Lunge

Stand upright in front of a stair or weight bench with your legs hip-width apart. Step up onto the weight bench with your right foot, bending your standing leg. Lean your upper body slightly backward. Take 3-5 deep breaths. Return to standing position. Repeat on left side. Do this stretch 3 times daily.

What’s the point?

This stretch helps support a healthy relationship between the low back and the legs. You should feel the stretch on the front hip and thigh of your standing leg.

How’s my form?

The thigh of your step-up leg should be parallel with the floor. Keep your step-up knee in line with your ankle.

2: Standing Quad Stretch Needs photos

Focus on a fixed point about three feet in front of you for balance. Shift your weight to your left foot. Bend your right knee to lift your right foot up behind you. Catch the top of your right foot or ankle in your right hand.

Gently push your hips forward, standing upright with the knee point down.

Take three deep breaths, leaning a little deeper into the stretch with each exhale.

Switch sides.

What’s the point?

This stretch opens up the outer hip flexors, which go from the front of the pelvis down to below the knees.

How’s my form?

Keep the knees and toes in line. Use a chair or wall for balance if you’re feeling wobbly without support.

3: Kneeling Lean-Back Stretch

Kneel on a pillow with knees together, heels together, and toes together. Stand up onto your knees and flex your pelvis forward and backward, forward and backward, tucking your butt under as much as possible when you come forward.

You’ll feel a stretch from the front of your knees up to the front of your pelvis.

Next, lean back.

Be sure to keep your heels together the whole time you’re in this stretch. Only lean back as far as you can without your heals coming apart. As soon as you feel your heels start to separate, stop moving. From here, take three deep breaths.

Repeat from the beginning.

Do this stretch a few times and then walk for 20-30 steps to feel the effects of the stretch and balance out your posture.

What’s the point?

This stretch will help restore freedom of movement to your pelvis.

How’s my form?

Be sure to keep your knees, heels, and toes together throughout the stretch. Only lean back as far as you can without your heals coming apart.

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