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Dear Vitality Man, I am a 20 year-old college student and volunteer quite a bit at a local AIDS hospice.  I find the work deeply rewarding and love the friendships I have developed with the patients and other volunteers there.  Even though the pace is very low key and peaceful (which I enjoy, given the contrast to my hectic life apart from there), I find myself feeling very stressed out lately.

By Alison Kaye Rhodes She should be happy in life. At least she doesn’t have cancer like her friend Joe, or heart disease like her Father or arthritis like her Aunt Bev. She’s glad to feel as well as she does, after all, she works out four times a week and doesn’t eat fast food anymore.

Dear Vitality Man, My mother is in her 60’s, looks great and says she feels better than she did when she was in her 30’s raising a family.  She is working out with a personal trainer and taking yoga classes.  I’m in my 30’s.  I work a lot, don’t exercise much at all now and I feel so old--- even without a family.  Help me understand why I’m young and feel old- but my mom is about twice my age and feels so young.  ---Sulking in Silicon Valley