Reposturing | Reposturing Fitness (RF)
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Reposturing Fitness (RF)

Telelecture: Monday, November 27th, 2017

Hands-on Training: Saturday & Sunday, December 2 & 3, 2017

Instructor: Casey Marcantonio Brown

Location: Vitality Center, Seminar Room

The Reposturing Fitness training modules focuses on how to teach the exercises and stretches that enhance good posture. You will be able to help your clients take control and maximize their results inside a gym or doing workouts at home, with or without gym equipment. We will show you how to effectively work with fitness and health care professionals in a niche that helps them create better outcomes. Most important, you will become familiar with how to recognize postural imbalances and prescribe the specific exercises that will be unique to your client’s condition and give more value for their investment.

In this training you will:

  • Discover the four essentials of perfect posture
  • Learn how to masterfully use the gym to improve posture
  • Get clarity about good and poor training habits that affect posture

Gain effective tools to maximize your clients’ workout

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