Reposturing | Gait Training (GT)
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Gait Training (GT)

Telelecture: TBA 2019

Hands-on Training: TBA for 2019

Teacher: Aaron Parnell

Location: Vitality Center San Mateo

Your clients are on their feet a lot. In the same way that form influences function, the way your clients carry their bodies affects the way they walk which in turn affects joint health and athletic performance.  Your active clients want to get the most out of their bodies, and your sedentary clients still want that edge.  How can you help?

You can help your clients restore freedom and efficiency to their lower limbs.  Developed by Olympic trainer, Aaron Parnell, Reposturing® is fitness training designed to bring balance and power to the tension that holds the body together; using a unique series of stretches and exercises for the entire body.

In this training you will:

  • Discover the essential elements of the perfect stride in running, walking and jogging
  • Learn how the body establishes proper balance and stride length
  • Get to the root cause of challenges such as knee problems, bunions and other foot issues
  • Gain the skill of making a proper Gait assessment and develop the ability to match Gait deficiencies with exercises with stretches to improve Gait.

Knowing what to do is like bobbing for apples blindfolded.

A Few Things To Know About Gait Analysis/Biomechanical Assessment:

  • Everything you see to fix is really caused by an imbalance somewhere else
  • If you want to be excellent at this, you really do have to know your anatomy AND Anatomy Trains.
  • The body balances itself on pivot points in the feet, hips, and vertebral    column. If you lose function in one area, your body will attempt to use the next area to achieve balance and equilibrium.
  • The body is designed to move forward in locomotion.  Everything else is an adaptation.
  • Every part of the body has a job during the walking and running process.
  • When you look for what to fix, look for which body part is not doing it’s     designated job

When you have decided which area needs improvement, the choices of approach are:

Manual (stretching, sportsmassage); Movement (teaching, adapting, or retraining); Mental (informational, environmental); Emotional (psychic, psychological, behavioral, attitudinal) (MaMoMeEm)

  • Without reverence and the client’s permission, this entire process can be way too technical, or way too intimate and intrusive
  • The stride length is primarily dictated by hip and foot flexibility
  • Sometimes you can’t help a person, for any number of reasons. It’s important to know when that is, and have a sense of whether to refer, terminate, change gears, or tell them their truth and wait.
  • The body is a tensegrity structure ( ( It stays upright by being supported and suspended simultaneously. The art of understanding gait and motion hinges around visualizing this living, dynamic tensegrity structure relative to speed, angle of support, direction of motion, attitude, internal dialogue, level of fatigue, physical condition, and even social position.
  • As a gait/movement analyst, your most valuable tool is you.  Learn to use every tool at your disposal. Many times you may see fit to innovate a solution right on the spot.  Communicate your ideas, make mental notes, trust your inner wisdom to guide you to the right solution for your client.
We’re personally inviting you to join us in this year’s training and re-certification. Please don’t miss this chance to improve your skills, business, and client outcomes!

This training will be led by the founder of Reposturing, Aaron Parnell. He has been developing Reposturing for over 30 years. And has seen committed his life in the progression and growth of the practice and business.

Earn an additional discount when you refer a qualified friend. New students are welcome to these sessions. Share Reposturing with a friend!


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