Reposturing | Cadaver Lab (CL)
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Cadaver Lab (CL)

Telelecture: TBA 2019

Hands-on Training: TBA for 2019

Teacher: Aaron Parnell

Location: TBD

Purpose of the trip: The purpose of the lab is to give a visual and   hands-on learning opportunity to discover the size, shape, color, relationship and texture of the various bones, muscles, organs and   tissues in the human body.

About the trip and “guided tour” in the anatomy lab: You will be joining the current graduating class of Certified Reposturing Dynamics Practitioners.  You will have an opportunity to (with rubber gloves) feel and explore the actual bodies of several human specimen.

Getting ready for cadaver lab “Guided Tour of the Human Body”

  • Eat breakfast early! — so that food is digested by the time we get to the lab (and you won’t barf).
  • Wear clothes and shoes that you can wash afterward.
  • Bring any questions you might want to ask.

Adult professional behavior is expected (interested, attentive, respectful, calm & relaxed)

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